Gas Line Repair at On Demand Plumbing & Heating

Gas can be very dangerous if it starts to leak. Leaking gas is not only poisonous; it’s also a fire hazard. This underscores the importance of having the leak sealed without delay. When this happens, someone needs to come over right away in order to fix it. Fortunately, a licensed plumber will be qualified to do this kind of leak repair.


Though you can’t see them, every house uses a multitude of gas lines. The sheer complexity and size of gas infrastructure makes it a lot of work to install or to expand.

If you’re planning to expand your house, you may need to expand your gas infrastructure as well.  Our qualified plumbers can help you decide the number and location of gas-based appliances (like ovens). Then these appliances need to be fit into the existing network of pipes.

Done correctly, gas line installation will work without any problems. It can even increase a home's resale value. Here at On Demand Plumbing & Heating, we believe in giving the best plumbing to all of our clients. Contact us for more information about the plumbing and gas line repair services we offer.


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