Water Heater Installation at On Demand Plumbing & Heating

Heating and central air systems are vital to a home or business. Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows how important it is to have a good water heater. The only thing worse than a cold morning is a freezing shower to go along with it. Spare yourself the shivers and have your water heater checked by a professional plumbing contractor.

On Demand Plumbing & Heating offers services for water heater installation, maintenance and repairs to ensure your heater is working in tip top shape, saving you from those cold showers. 

When you have our plumbing company come in to handle your plumbing needs, you’re guaranteed a quick and efficient job. We can take a look at your water heater system to make sure everything is properly functioning. If our plumber finds that your heater is in bad shape, we offer water heater repairs to get it back up and running smoothly.

If you are in need of a replacement heater or need one installed in a new structure or home, we will gladly extend a helping hand to you to get these tasks done promptly.  

We have vast experience in everything related to plumbing solutions, tankless water heaters and water heater services. We can offer advice and expertise to help you take care of your heating and drainage systems, as well as providing you with alternative solutions to any plumbing problems you might be facing. With On Demand Plumbing & Heating, your drains and pipes are in good hands.

Through excellent service and dedicated customer support, we have worked our way to the top to proudly serve as Victoria, BC’s premier plumbing and heating contractor.



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